Welcome to the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)

of the Women University Multan

The progress of any country depends on quality of human resources for various sectors of the economy. Universities play a significant role in producing quality of human resources. Therefore, Higher Education commission (HEC), has been emphasizing the importance of higher education through establishing and implementing Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) at all public and private sector universities and higher education institutions. The function of QECs is to implement quality policies and programs as advised by National Quality Assurance Committee of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The Women University Multan (WUM) is also being committed to quality in higher education which established an independent QE Cell at its university.

Vision and Mission


To improve the quality of higher education at WUM, with the objective of achieving international competitiveness and compatibility of its academic programs and research quality.


Our main goal is to achieve the highest possible international standards of education and promoting good practices in order to achieve excellence in teaching, learning and research productivity.


The strategic quality objectives of the QEC:

  • Developing and implementing QA Policies and procedures of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.
  • Capacity building of the faculty / staff at WUM
  • Assessing the current status of educational quality at departmental level
  • Auditing the processes, and Taking measures for enhancement of the quality of education & research.
  • Monitoring the implantation of the recommendation made.
  • Review of academic collaboration with other institutions in terms of effective management of standards and quality of programs.
  • Internationalization of the WUM


  • Strengthen academic collaboration with the reputable National/International universities/organizations to harmonize our quality of education and research with international standards.
  • Enhance the confidence of faculty members, students, their parents, regulatory bodies and society at large to work together for improvement in quality of the university.
  • Establish, maintain and implement a quality educational system in accordance with international practices.
  • Get feedbacks from students, teachers, graduates, parents, employers and other stakeholders if any on prescribed intervals. Evaluate the feedbacks and suggest appropriate measure to concerned quarters for implementation if deemed necessary.
  • To ensure the quality of human resources at the university, the directorate will involve in the activities assigned by the worthy Vice Chancellor from time to time.



  • Collect and setup a bank of information using feedbacks to improve quality.
  • Updating the website on regular basis.
  • Regular meetings and discussions with local and international quality enhancement offices.
  • Arrange awareness seminars on Self assessment Program and quality assurance.
  • Conduct short courses and workshops for students and faculty on technical matters related to quality.
  • Assist laboratories to get international recognitions and update instruments regularly and acquire accreditation.

Downloadable List of QEC Proforma :

  1. Student Course Evaluation Questionnaire (Click Here to Download)
  2. Faculty Course Review Report (Click Here to Download)
  3. Survey of Graduating Students (Click Here to Download)
  5. Faculty Survey (Click Here to Download)
  6. SURVEY OF DEPARTMENT Ph.D. PROGRAMS (Click Here to Download)
  7. Alumni Survey (Click Here to Download)
  8. Employer Survey (Click Here to Download)
  9. Faculty Resume (Click Here to Download)
  10. Teacher Evaluation Form (Click Here to Download)


Directorate of Quality Enhancement
Women University Multan
Phone: +92-61-9200811        Ext: 175
E-mail: directorqec@wum.edu.pk