Purchase Advertisements/Evaluation Reports

Tender Notices for Furniture & Fixture and Lab. Equipment (Uploaded 14-09-2018)

Tender Notices for the purchase of Books (Uploaded 14-09-2018)

Tender Notice for Lab equipment, chemicals & glassware (25-06-2018)

Tender Notice for the purchase of Books (04-06-2018)

Tender Notice of Electric Items (Uploaded 18-05-2018)

Tender Notice of Chemicals and Glassware (Uploaded 27-04-2018)

Tender Notice of Chemicals and Glassware (Uploaded 25-04-2018)

Tender Notice for the Refreshment, Lunch Boxes & Meals and Shields / Souvenir & Stationery   (Uploaded 29-3-2018)

Tender Notice for purchase of Chemicals & Glassware and Window Blinds ( Uploaded 13-3-2018 )

Tender Notice for the services of meals, catering and electricity ( Uploaded 26-2-2018 )

Tender Notice for Lab Equipment & Chemicals ( Uploaded 30-01-2018 )

Tender notice of Generator,Chemicals & Glassware,Lab.Equip,Photocopiers (Uploaded 29-01-2018)

Tender Notice of Chemicals and Glassware (Uploaded 11-01-2018)

Tender Notice I.T. Equipment ( Uploaded 15-12-2017 )

Tender Notice of Chemicals and Glassware (Uploaded 12-12-2017)

Tender Notice of Chemicals, Furniture, Tyre & Batteries for Buses (Uploaded 13-11-2017)

Tender Notice for Stationery Items ( Uploaded 06-09-2017 )

Tender Notice I.T. Equipment ( Uploaded 27-07-2017 )

Tender Notice Stationery and General Store ( Uploaded 20-07-2017 )

Tender Notice for Lab Equipment ( Uploaded 15-05-2017 )

Tender Notice for Bullet Proof Jackets ( Uploaded 15-05-2017 )

Evaluation Report for Security Cameras,Lights and IP Telephone (Uploaded 19-04-2017)

Tender Notice Generator,Air Conditioners, Furniture & Fixture etc

Tender Notice for Old Cameras (uploaded date 14-12-2016)

Tender Notice Furniture , I.T Equipment etc. (uploaded date 22-11-2016)

Tender Notice Services of meal, tentage etc (uploaded date 10-10-2016)

Tender Notice Stationery/I.T Equipments (uploaded date 02-09-2016)

Tender Notice Misc Security Items (uploaded date 16-05-2016)

Tender Notice for Tyres / Fence (uploaded date 18-05-2016)

Tender Notice Photocopier/Paper cutting machine (For Press) (uploaded date 24-02-2016)

Tender Notice Furniture,Security Camera and Appliance (CORRIGENDUM Date:01-01-2016)

Tender Notice For Furniture, Security Camera and Appliances (uploaded Date 09-12-2015)

Tender Notice Lab Equipment/IT Equipment//Photocopir  (uploaded Date 05-05-2015)

Tender Notice Razor Wire, Barbed Wire (uploaded Date 17-03-2015)

Tender Notice (Multimedia)  uploaded Date: 08-12-2014

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