Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics



The science has its roots in fundamental human needs of nutrition, health and environmental control that offer the opportunity to study microbiology as microbes are the center of biological sciences. On the other hand molecular genetics constitute the integral part of modern biotechnology that has significant impact on our lives from DNA finger printing to development of vaccination. Keeping the importance of both subjects, The Women University, Multan (WUM) is intended to open a new department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG). The MMG department is projected to cover both fields in understanding the fundamental process of life at insightful level and committed to provide advance and innovative approaches both at academic and research level in the field of microbiology and Molecular genetics.


  1. BS                4-Years                             
  2. MS/M.Phil     2-Years
  3. Ph.D              4 years


The graduates from this department have broad range of potential careers in teaching and research institutes, agricultural institutes, pharmaceutical and food industries, diagnostic and forensic laboratories, hospitals and public health departments.


The Department of MMG visualizes itself as the first provider of first-rate education and research in microbiology and molecular genetics by applying comprehensive, Rigorous and unconventional methods to the microbial world. Our department’s mission is to train undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students for careers in microbiology through excellence in teaching, research, and service and to build a strong teaching and research environment by collaborating with other institutes to resolve the glitches/problems of national interests

The main objectives of this department are to

  • Prepare students as determined microbiologists in education, industry, agriculture and health related fields.
  •  Provide an advanced understanding of the core principles and topics of microbiology and molecular genetics and their experimental basis that enable students to acquire a specialized knowledge and understanding of respective field.

Provide the students with analytical and presentational skills. This will be achieved by class presentations, seminars and small group discussions. 


BS                                       Credit hours= 141

Duration                            4 years



M.Phil.                                       Credits=30 (Course work=24 and Researchwork=06)         Duration                                    2 years

Ph.D.                                          (Credits= 18)

Duration                                     3-5 years
Fields of specialization

Environmental Microbiology (2) Medical Microbiology (3) Agricultural Microbiology (4) Human genetics

Faculty :


1.Prof. Dr. Shahida Hasnain
Vice-Chancellor (WUM)
HEC (National Distinguished Professor)
PhD (Birmingham UK), UNESCO Award
2.Dr Attia Iqbal (Chairperson)
Assistant Professor
PhD (PU)
3.Dr Shamsa Akbar
Assistant Professor
4.Dr Mariyam Zain
Assistant Professor
PhD (PU)
5. Ms Sadia Tahir
Assistant Professor
PhD (PU, Contd.)
6.Ms Iqra Arooj
PhD (PU, Contd)
7.Ms Humaira Yasmeen
PhD (PU Contd.)
8.Ms Sara Junaid
PhD (PU,Contd.)
9.Ms Saba Farooq
PhD (PU, Contd.)
PhD (PU, Contd)
11. Ms. Sara Junaid
M Phil (PU)
PhD (PU, Contd.)
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