Institute of Management Sciences


The Women University Multan established Institute of Management Sciences (IMS) in 2017 which is offering four years BBA (Hons.) degree program with specialization in the areas of Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management.

This pursuit of IMS to provide quality education in management sciences is in accordance with its rich intellectual resources as it has 11 permanent faculty members with diverse management backgrounds providing a blend of theory, policy, and practice to ensure that latest and contemporary business education is transferred to students while imparting in them strong cognitive and social skills. Curriculum designed is comprehensive in its application covering all major business courses offered in renowned business schools. Pedagogical techniques at IMS go beyond the traditional methodological pattern and focus on class discussion, case studies, industrial visits, and projects thus providing a continuous linkage and alliance with business world.

Dynamic economic changes, technological developments, globalization, and the hyper-competition have revolutionized business environment. Management Studies plays a pivotal role in this scenario through providing education through theoretical and practical aspects by imparting managerial skills and professional expertise. Management studies equip its students with theory and practice in various streams such as, human resource management, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and supply chain management to cater the needs of modern and competitive business environment.




Our vision is to provide quality education for transforming the society through women empowerment while keeping our values intact.



Our mission is to strive for academic excellence through offering high-quality degree programs with focus on real world policies, practices, and research. This will ensure a transformative pursuit for its graduates to get developed as future leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and researchers who are engaged members of the society demonstrating strong character, intellectual depth and ethical decision making.


Programs Offered


Bachelor of Business Administration Cr. Hrs. 135

BBA (Hons.)

Program Description

The four years BBA program is tailored-made to serve the needs of the bright young candidates who have completed twelve years of education and are looking for a career in entrepreneurship, business management or towards higher education in business administration. This program is opened to the students with diverse educational backgrounds including, humanities, sciences, arts, and commerce. The BBA (Hons.) program is of 4-years duration, spread over 08 regular semesters, and consisting of 135 credit hours after completing twelve years of higher secondary school certificate or equivalent. This BBA program offers three specialization tracks including Finance, Marketing, and HRM.

Scope of BBA Program

The foremost spirit and underlying philosophy of the program is to develop outstanding managerial skills and competency among students by introducing the contemporary ideas in the area of management, marketing, and finance. The importance of developing problem solving and communication skills is emphasized, which enable students to become highly responsible professional managers, who can not only identify and solve real-life complex business problems, but also serve as contributing professionals to resolve social and economic problems being an active member of society.

Students on completion of BBA program will be eligible to apply for admission in MBA (1.5 Years) and MS programs. They will also be able to open the door to a wide range of career opportunities. These include jobs in Commerce, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Accounting, and Insurance.


Objectives of BBA Program

The learning goals of BBA program are to develop the intellectual and behavioral competencies among business graduates that will provide a foundation for their future professional and personal development and success. After completion of this degree, students will be able to:


  • Develop critical and analytical skills for identification, analysis and solution of problems faced by them in their personal and professional life and make effective decisions
  • Effective use of quantitative and qualitative techniques for finding the solutions of complex real world situations
  • Develop effective written and oral communication skills through the use of appropriate and latest technologies
  • Demonstrate competency in business knowledge, theories, concepts and tools taught in the underlying core undergraduate curriculum
  • Foster global perspective for the identification and analysis of factors that influence decision making and the ability for making effective decision in international work settings
  • Identify and understand ethical conflicts and social responsibility issues and the ability to handle them effectively



Applicants who have passed their Intermediate Examination or equivalent from a recognized Board or Institutions securing at least 45% marks in aggregate are eligible to apply for admission in BBA Program.

Course Outline

Code Course Title Cr Hrs.
BBA 1st Semester
BBA-101 Freshmen English-I 3
BBA-102 Introduction to Computing 3
BBA-103 Financial Accounting-I 3
BBA-104 Islamic Studies 3
BBA-105 Human Psychology 3
BBA-106 Introduction to Business 3
Total 18


BBA 2nd Semester
BBA-151 Freshmen English-II 3
BBA-152 Micro Economics 3
BBA-153 Financial Accounting-II 3
BBA-154 Pakistan Studies 3
BBA-155 Business Mathematics 3
BBA-156 Principles of Management 3
Total 18
BBA 3rd Semester
BBA-201 Introduction to Sociology 3
BBA-202 Business Statistics 3
BBA-203 Macro Economics 3
BBA-204 Principles of Marketing 3
BBA-205 Business Communication-I 3
BBA-206 Logic & Critical Thinking 3
Total 18
BBA 4th Semester
BBA-251 Human Resource Management 3
BBA-252 Business Finance 3
BBA-253 Pakistan Economy 3
BBA-254 Business Communication-II 3
BBA-255 Marketing Management 3
BBA-256 Cost & Managerial Accounting 3
Total 18
BBA 5th Semester
BBA-301 Financial Management 3
BBA-302 Business and Corporate Law 3
BBA-303 Business Ethics 3
BBA-304 Business Research Methods 3
BBA-305 Organizational Behavior 3
BBA-306 Total Quality Management 3
Total 18
BBA 6th Semester
BBA-351 Operations Management 3
BBA-352 Consumer Behavior 3
BBA-353 Managerial Economics 3
BBA-354 Management Information System 3
BBA-355 Project Management 3
Total 15
BBA 7th Semester
BBA-401 Entrepreneurship 3
BBA-402 Money & Banking 3
BBA-403 International Business Management 3
Specialization-I 3
Specialization-II 3
Total 15
BBA 8th Semester
BBA-451 Business Policy & Strategic Management 3
BBA-452 E-Commerce 3
BBA-453 Business Project 3
Specialization-III 3
Specialization-VI 3
Total 15

Note: Requirement for award of BBA Program Degree:

Business Internship:

6-8 Weeks (Students are required to submit a written report in the form of project they undertake during internship. They are also required to present for Viva Voce in front of faculty members as approved by the (HOD).


Specialization Courses

Code Course Title Cr Hrs.
BBA-501 Financial Statement Analysis 3
BBA-502 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management 3
BBA-503 Corporate Finance 3
BBA-504 Strategic Financial Management 3
BBA-505 International Finance 3
BBA-506 Islamic Finance 3
BBA-507 Risk Management 3
BBA-508 Tax Management 3
BBA-551 Integrated Marketing Communication 3
BBA-552 Brand Management 3
BBA-553 International Marketing 3
BBA-554 Supply Chain Management 3
BBA-555 Marketing Research 3
BBA-556 Retail Management 3
BBA-557 Customer Relationship Management 3
BBA-558 Services Marketing 3
Human Resource Management
BBA-601 Recruitment and Selection 3
BBA-602 Training & Development 3
BBA-603 Performance & Compensation Management 3
BBA-604 International HRM 3
BBA-605 Leadership 3
BBA-606 Negotiation & Conflict Management 3
BBA-607 Career Planning & Management 3
BBA-608 Labor Laws in Pakistan 3

Note: The Institute reserves right to reschedule/ offer or withdraw the above Specializations/ Courses/ Subjects according to the availability of staff and resources.

Faculty Profile:

 1 Dr. Saadia Irshad (Chairperson)

Assistant Professor

MS-PhD (France).

Specialization: International Economics and Finance, Banking & Finance


 2 Ms. Maria Kanwal

Assistant Professor

MS-Business Administration, (IBF-BZU)

MBA-Marketing (IBA-University of the Punjab, Lahore)

Specialization: Marketing, Management


 3 Ms. Malka Liaquat

Assistant Professor

MBA, MS-Management Sciences, (NUML, Islamabad)

Specialization: Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior


 4 Nosheen Aziz


MS-Management Sciences, (IIUI)


Specialization: Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior.


 5 Shakeela Kousar


M.Phil.-Business Administration , (NCBA&E Lahore)


Specialization: Human Resource Management ,Organizational Behavior


 6 Maria Shahid


M.Phil.-Finance (Gold Medalist), (IUB)

Specialization: Finance


 7 Nadia Nazeer


MS-Finance, (SZABIS&T, Islamabad)

Specialization: Finance


 8 Naureen Afzal


MBA-Finance, (PU)

MS- Banking and Finance, (COMSATS Islamabad)

Specialization: Banking and Finance


 9 Maria Shams Khakwani


BBA, MBA, MS-Finance, (BZU)

Specialization: Finance