DSC_0178_Border2The insignia of the University truly depicts the mission we are dedicated to. The Women University Multan (WUM) is the seat of learning where the personality of the learner is branded through the seals of ilm, Tafakkur and Tadabbur. In a world where change is the norm, one thing is quite certain – knowledge or ilm has been, and will be a key source of success and is highly sought after around the globe. To us pursuit of “ilm” is an individual and social obligation. We strive for and abide by the teachings delivered to us through the Holy book of Quran in which the Creator of the Universe demands in us, the qualities like evidence (Burhan), observation (Mushahadah), contemplation (Tadabbur), and reflection (Tafakkur), thereby leading to  a knowledge that relates the knower to higher modes of being. We strictly believe that sweetness of the faith lies in the fruits of knowledge. Roots to education are bitter with assorted difficulties tagging the process of learning but the fruit is always sweet.Before us we have a defined future and we are committed to make our teaching and learning modules and niche areas of research, relevant to national needs and international standards and are dedicated to providing a campus environment that encourages lifelong learning, strong career preparation, and personality building. University has expanded its frontier in various disciplines i.e Applied Psychology, Education, History and Pakistan Studies, Political Science and International Relations,Economics, Botany, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Zoology, English, Islamic Studies and Comparative Religions, Urdu, Chemistry, Computer Science and Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics in Phase I and intend to include 11 more in the list of subjects comprising Art and Design, Law, Mass Communication, Management Sciences, Commerce, Sociology, Library and Information Sciences, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Environmental Sciences, International Languages in Phase II next year.

Our undergraduates as well as postgraduate students receive guidance and learning opportunities in an environment that values talent and innovation. Graduates are expected to have skills like constructive reasoning and critical thinking to widen their mental horizons. We stress and emphasize on inward grooming of the students to produce the students of new millennium and resolute to instill in them virtues of contemplative thought and reflection (Tadabbur and Tafakkur) that turn a learner into a righteous follower, a scientific researcher into a practical investigator, a technical inventor into a committed believer, an industrial entrepreneur into a person of faith, thus transforming raw mind into a seasoned intellect. We judge our performance in the context of achievable but challenging tasks and will maintain our vigil for challenges of tomorrow.

Thinking globally, my vision in the role of the Vice-Chancellor is, to principally be an initiator of creative endeavor, a facilitator of academic initiatives, a mediator and a provider of an environment that encourages lifelong learning, strong career preparation, sense of confidence, competence, and dignity in the students. WUM endorses sound organisational principles and strict disciplinary rules. Through substantive accomplishments we dare not only to enhance and magnify our significance and contribution in nation building but also want to be the house of attraction for the finest faculty, staff and students from around the nation and across the globe. We steadfast to pursue a persistent quest for educational excellence through sincerity, clarity and determination.