The insignia of the University truly depicts the mission we are dedicated to. The Women University Multan (WUM) is the seat of learning where the personality of the learner is branded through the seals of ilm, Tafakkur and Tadabbur. In a world where change is the norm, one thing is quite certain – knowledge or ilm has been, and will be a key source of success and is highly sought after around the globe. To us pursuit of “ilm” is an individual and social obligation. We strive for and abide by the teachings delivered to us through the Holy book of Quran in which the Creator of the Universe demands in us, the qualities like evidence (Burhan), observation (Mushahadah), contemplation (Tadabbur), and reflection (Tafakkur), thereby leading to  a knowledge that relates the knower to higher modes of being. We strictly believe that sweetness of the faith lies in the fruits of knowledge.

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